supplies South African companies and bands with their own custom made button badges, badge products, keyrings, vinyl stickers, t-shirts, banners, business cards, CD'S and vuvuzelas! We are the most affordable and speedy service around. Great Promotion! - A perfect start to merch. Low price, high volume! - Great for handing out or selling at gigs, gets people wearing your logo for free! - Cheap enough to sell, with a small profit to be made for other merch items
custom made merchandise
25mm 37mm 56mm 25neon
25mmearring 37mmearrings 56mmearrings 25neon
25mmmagnet 37mmmagnet 56mmmagnet 25neon
25mmkeyring 37mm 56mmkeyring 25neon
25mmzipper 56mmbottleopener 56mmmirror 56mmlanyard
Button Badges & Button Badge Products
25mm Button Keyrings 37mm Button Keyrings 56mm Button Keyrings Neon Button Keyrings
70mmvinylsticker 90mmvinylsticker Skinnyvinylsticker squarevinylstickers
43mmsticker 66mmsticker
Screen Printed & Heat Transfer T-Shirts
blackshirt whiteshirt colouredshirts photoshirt
roundkeyring squarekeyring
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